Limited Menu 2

Limited Menu 2

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We Serve 100% Plant-Based Deliciousness … ALWAYS


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    Draft Wall
    Crank Arm – Road Hazard Hazy IPA • 6

    R&D Brewing – Seven Saturdays • 7

    Trophy Brewing – Trophy Wife Session IPA • 6

    Trophy Brewing – Trophy Husband Witbier • 6

    Crank Arm – White Wall Wietbier • 6

    Crank Arm – Spoke CityLager • 7

    Crank Arm – Cycle Killer Sour Pineapple Habenero • 7

    Ginger’s Revenge Lime Agave • 7

    Lonerider – Behind Enemy Limes Blonde Ale • 6

    Lonerider – Spyke Mojito • 4

    Crank Arm – Unicycle Hoppy Pale Ale • 6

    Lyrix Kombucha – Summer Breeze • 5 (11oz pour)

    Lyrix Kombucha – Strawberry Fields • 5 (11oz pour)

    House White Floriography • 7 (6oz pour)

    House Red Lobetia Organic Cabernet • 7 (6oz pour)

    Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc • 9 (6oz pour)

    Wente Chardonnay= • 11 (6oz pour)

    Pineapple Pepperita • 12
    Lunzel tequila, homemade spicy pineapple margarita mix, cilantro, jalapeño, salt

    Butterfly Effect • 13
    Sweet blue butterfly tea, titos vodka, pink cactus lemonade, lemon

    Lobetia Sangria Spritz • 7
    refreshing sangria made w/ Lobetia Cabernet

    Carolina Mule • 13
    Creek Water American Whiskey, Ginger’s Revenge Agave Lime, Fresh Lime, Mint Sprig

    el Cuco • 15
    32oz ghost monster of skyy vodka, monster ultra white, pink drink, housemade habanero simple syrup, lemon lime splash, lime wedge

    Elder Ginny Basil Smash • 12
    Conniption gin, st elder, basil, Meyer lemon, citrus soda

    Elemental Mojito • 12
    lone rider seltzer, rum, splash lemon lime soda, lime

    Lonerider Spyke Mangojito • 12
    lonerider spyke seltzer, rum, mango nectar, mint, lime

    Kombuchamosa • 12
    lyrix summer breeze kombucha, cava, orange garnish

    Pickleback • 8
    Shot of Creek Water Whiskey & Housemade Picklejuice

    Our Mission

    Element: the simplest principal of a subject. Here at Element, we believe that sharing quality food and drink is the simplest and best way to create memories and cultivate friendships. Nestled in the great City of Oaks, Element is here to showcase that a plant-based meal can be delicious to both omnivores and vegan foodies alike.

    Food Philosophy

    We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, and those ingredients are 100% plant-based.