frequently asked questions

Q: What does “plant-based” mean? Is your menu vegan?
A: Heck yes! We do not cook with any animal products or by-products, including honey. We also require that our bread providers do not use l-cysteine in any of our rolls! Our food is derived from plants!

Q: Which of your menu items are suitable for someone with a dairy intolerance?
A: Nothing on our menu should contain dairy. We don’t cook with any dairy products or serve beers that contain dairy. Our mylk, sour cream, butter, cheez, ranch, etc. are all plant-based.

Q: I have an egg or shellfish allergy, can I eat here?
A: Since all our food is vegan, we do NOT cook with eggs or shellfish or have them in our kitchen. (Disclaimer: A few of our food products may be shipped from from companies that also package or store non-vegan items, but none of our food has any known contact with eggs, shellfish, meat, or dairy – nor should they ever!)

Q: Do you use nuts in your kitchen?
A: Yes we do. Essentially all of our items are processed in or on equipment that could come into contact with nuts during. Several of our current menu items contain Cashews or pecans.
Items with nuts include our nacho cheese sauce, fried chik’n, ranch and bleu chz sauce, fried pickles, and any of the brunch items like pancakes, biscuits, waffles.

Q: Do you have any certified gluten-free or soy-free food items?
A: No. All items are processed in the same kitchen and therefore use shared equipment and/or friers. Due to the size and limitations of the kitchen, as well as sourcing products from facilities that may also process wheat or gluten, we are unable to safely guarantee anything is 100% allergen free, primarily when it comes to soy and gluten. While our chefs do try to accommodate all guests within reason, we feel it is our responsibility to be completely truthful and transparent that there is always a risk for cross-contamination within any shared kitchen.

Q: I know you can’t guarantee or list items as allergen FREE, but what are some options a person who is *gluten sensitive* might order?
A: BBQ Nachos, BBQ Sandwich with Gluten-free Bun, Any of the burgers with a gluten free bun, Buffalo Soldier (hold Buff Chix or Sub for Tofu), Kale Caesar no croutons, Side of Coleslaw, Specialty Cocktails, Sodas, Gingers’s Revenge, Spyked Seltzer, Rotating Kombucha.

Q: Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages or mocktails?
A: Yep! We serve a variety of Maine-Root natural sodas. Our bartenders are also generally able to make most of our cocktails virgin (e.g. the Butterfly effect!). We also have nonalcoholic ginger beer, sarsaparilla spritzer, and delicious Pink Cactus lemonade. In addition, we do serve Lyrix Komnucha on draft! Ask your server for the seasonal flavors!


Disclaimer: Please inform your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions. While we strive to accommodate special requests, please be aware that our facility is not certified allergen-free. We source plant-based products, but cannot guarantee that our suppliers’ manufacturing processes are completely free from allergens or cross-contamination. Customers with severe allergies should exercise caution and discretion when dining with us. Our facility contains gluten, soy, wheat, and nuts.