Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu


Mango Fiesta Cake • 9
Mango sponge with Taylor Street Sweets’ signature creamcheeze buttercream, garnished with black salt and a dried organic mango slice.

Lime Sponge Cake • 9
Lime sponge frosted with lime buttercream, dusted with dried raspberries.

Sopapilla Cheesecake • 8
Layers of cream cheese, crescent dough, and a cinnamon sugar layer.

Patty Melt • 14
6oz hand pattied impossible burger, caramelized onions, thick texas toast

Bavarian Pretzel • 9
Buttered and Salted Bavarian Pretzel, Side of Housemade Cheese & Spicy German Mustard


Wings • 11
6 crispy wings tossed in choice of mild, hot, jalapeño bbq, sweet bbq, sweet chili sauce, served with celery and house ranch or bleu cheez

Loaded Totchos • 13
tater tots, cashew queso, black olives, cilantro, jalapeño, housemade ranch

Bavarian Pretzel • 9
Buttered and Salted Bavarian Pretzel, Side of Housemade Cheese & Spicy German Mustard

Chik’n Tenders • 11
double dipped fried chik’n, choice of 2 sauces, beer battered french fries

VOODOO Chili Cheese Fries • 12
Beer Battered Fries, Housemade Chili & Nacho Cheese, Cajun spice, Topped w/ Housemade Ranch

BBQ Nachos
Full Serving 15 • HALF Serving 9
HUGE ORDER of house fried corn chips, vegan bbq, black beans, cashew queso, fresh pico de gallo, jalapeños
add sour cream +2

Cucumber Salad • 6 
cucumbers, RED onion, HOUSEMADE sour cream, WHITE wine vinegar, salt, pepper, CHIVE and dill

Chips & Queso • 8
tortilla chips served w/ housemade queso

Dem Greenz

able to add fried chik +4, grilled chik +3, baked tofu +2

Buffalo Soldier • 14
local spring mix, fried buffalo chik’n, celery, apple, pecan, red onion, house bleu cheez
for gluten free option sub tofu

Kale Caesar • 12
local kale + romaine, vegan parm, house caesar dressing, rye croutons

Fried Chik’n Sandos

comes w/ side of house fries, Cole slaw, Chili +1, house salad +2 or cucumber salad +2

Buffalo Chik’n Sandwich • 14
smothered buffalo chik’n, lettuce, tomato, pickles, brioche bread, choice of housemade ranch or housemade bleu chz

Crispy Chik’n Sandwich • 13
double dipped fried chik’n, hunny mustard, pickles, brioche bread

Nashville Hot Chik’n • 13 🌶
Housemade Nashville Crispy Chik’n, Lettuce, Pickle, Mayo

Pubwiches & Wraps

comes w/ side of house fries, smoky tots, Cole slaw, Chili +1, house salad +2 or cucumber salad +2

NEW Monster Reuben Sandwich • 14.5 ⭐️
Housemade Seitan Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Russian Dressing, Swiss on Texas Toast Cut Marbled Rye

NEW Caprese Sandwich • 14 ⭐️
Housemade Cashew & Kale Pesto, Grilled Chik’n, Mozzarella Chz, Balsalmic Glaze, Tomato, Served on Ciabata

NEW Philly Cheesesteak Hoagie • 14 ⭐️
Housemade chopped sietan “steak, trumpet mushrooms, melted provolone chz, peppers & onions topped with housemade chz on hoagie

Carolina BBQ Sandwich • 13
smoked vegan bbq tossed in hybrid eastern-western style sauce, creamy coleslaw, brioche bread

Bahn Chi • 13
crispy tofu tossed in sweet chili sauce, kimchee, cilantro, jalapeños, sriracha aioli, toasted roll

Grilled Chik’n Kale Caesar Wrap • 13
local kale + romaine, vegan parm, house caesar dressing, tortilla

Grilled Chik’n Buffalo Wrap Wrap • 14
local lettuce, grilled buffalo chik’n, celery, pecan, red onion, house bleu cheez, tortilla


comes w/ side of house fries, smoky tots, Cole slaw, Chili +1, house salad +2 or cucumber salad +2

Elemental Burger • 15
6 oz handpattied Impossible burger, housemade pickles, bib lettuce, tomato, onion, special sauce, brioche bread
add vegan cheez +1.50
Gluten Free Bread Option +1

Smash Burger • 14
2 2oz smashed patties, nacho cheese, shredduce, tomato, onion, burger sauce, pickles on brioche bread
Gluten Free Bread Option +1

Carolina Smash Chili Burger • 14
2 2oz smashed patties, housemade chili & coleslaw, jalapeño bbq, mustard on brioche bread bun

Pint-Sized Pubsters

comes with side of fries or tater tots • kids 10 and under only

Grilled Chz • 6
texas toast bread, melted chz

Mini Burg • 7
mini burger, vegan cheddar, ketchup, mustard


NEW Pop’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake • 9
Peanut butter, cream cheese, coco whip, chocolate crumble with shortbread crust

SLAPS Lemon Poppyseed Lavender Cake • 9
brite lemon poppyseed cake frosted w/ lemon buttercream drizzled with lavender glaze by Taylor Street Sweets

SLAPS Rose Water Sponge Cake • 9
Delicately delicious rose water sponge frosted with orange-rose buttercream and orange curd, then garnished with rose and hibiscus petals. by Taylor Street Sweets

Chocolate Buttercream Cake • 9
made by Sunshine Animal Sanctuary and Farm

Cookies & Almond Milk • 5
2 chewy chocolate chip cookies served w/ a glass of almond milk

Chocolate Chip Cookies • 1.75
2 Chocolate Chip Cookies • 3


House Fries • 4
beer battered, malt vinegar powder, fresh herbs

House Tots • 5
smokey spice seasoning served w/ side of ranch

House Salad • 4

Coleslaw • 3

German Cucumber Salad • 6
cucumbers, red onion, housemade sour cream, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper and dill

medium, hot, bbq, jalapeño bbq, hunni mustard, sweet chili sauce,
housemade ranch, housemade bleu cheez, sour cream +2

Cup of Queso • 8
our housemade queso