Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Menu

Serves 4 • Heat Up and Serve!
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Main Course

Included for the $79.99
Housemade Vegan Turkey
juicy, housebrined sietan based turkey loaf full of seasonal herbs — delicious with our oyster mushroom gravy and stuffing

Greenbean Casserole
fresh local green beans, sautéed mushroom, vegan cream sauce, and fried onion. No canned soup & mushy beans here!

Sweet Potato Casserole
NC sweet potato casserole, brown sugar & pecan topping & vegan marshmallows!

Sourdough Stuffing & Mushroom Gravy
locally baked bread, mirepoix, oyster mushrooms & fresh herbs. Topped with house oyster mushroom pepper gravy!

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Extra Addons & Options

Hunni Baked Ham w/ Pineapple
seitan “ham” with brown sugar glaze & my fresh pineapple

Cranberry Beet Chutney
locally-sourced beets, cranberries, citrus, and a touch of jalapeño. Hint: Delicious warm, OR served cold over your favorite cream cheez (with crackers) as an appetizer!

Pineapple Casserole
A vegan twist on this savor-sweet southern classic! Pineapple & cheddur with a crispy vegan butter-cracker topping.

Mac n Cheese
Assorted buttery noodles drenched in our house made cashew-cheese sauce. A hit with the kids and grownups alike!

Herbed Butter & Dinner Rolls
Soft rolls served with creamy plant-based butter infused with herbs & butter.

Special Vegan Pies from Slice Pie Company
Blue ribbon winning NC Apple Pie (a co-lab with Slice Bakery) or Seasonal Pumpkin Pie!

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